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is_my_bf's Journal

______ is my boyfriend!
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Welcome to is_my_bf! The continuation for is_my_boyfriend!

Here you can claim any fictional character to be your boyfriend. But just because it says boyfriend doesn't mean you can't claim girlfriends either!
Now if you'll read the rules stated here.

❶ Always check the claims list. Not only will it be helping us (the mods) it'll also avoid any confusion. When claiming, official spelling of the character is required. Also, please, first name where it is wanted, last name where it is wanted.
❷ Once a character has been added to the list, it has already been claimed. You're only allowed to claim ONE character, and there can not be any sharing at all. First come, first serve, remember that. And yes, you are also able to drop, or in this case "dump," your boyfriend/girlfriend. Make a post in the community saying that you are dropping the claim, and use the drop tag. You may pick up a new claim in the same post, again, please use the appropriate series tag.
❸ Please show off your claim somewhere visible. Which can be say, "My boyfriend is [character name here]!" or something like that. This will keep your claim valid at all times. Proof may be required if there is an activity check, so please do this~.
❹ No real-life actors/actresses/preformers/ect maybe claimed. Please keep it to fictional characters.
❺ Keep your journal active. If we find a dead journal next to a claim, you have by the end of the week to re-claim. Otherwise it'll be lost.
❻ Put "My boyfriend is..!" on your subject line, to show that you've read the rules. If you don't then your claim won't be added. There are series tags to help filter, please use the appropriate tag when claiming. If the tag you need is not there, fear not! A mod will tag it when processing your claim. 8) It helps us in case of a problem with your claim.

And now that you're done reading, use the format below to claim!

To request a banner, go here.

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